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Join me for Alyceum Live

Online gatherings for reflection, inspiration and connection!

2020 Alyceum Live Sessions
You don't have to take this journey as a leader all by yourself...
- Stretch and challenge your reflection muscles to improve your life, leadership and career.
- Be inspired with the latest trends and techniques to guide your personal leadership?
- Join together with other leaders and change-makers & realise you're not in this alone?

Register for ALL 12 monthly gatherings in 2020 (60 - 90 mins each) accessed live or on replay. We take 60 - 90 minutes each month to reflect, re-energise and connect with other leaders and change makers. Will you join us?

Monthly Alyceum Live sessions are $49 each bought separately or $29 each bought at the annual rate. That's a saving of $240!

Regular reflection has shown to improve:
- Self awareness and understanding
- Emotional intelligence
- Your impact in teams
- Innovation - joining the dots and generating new ideas

Commit to making reflection a regular part of your leadership practice in 2020.

Hear what others are saying about our Alyceum Live gatherings...

"Another fantastic session, looking forward to participating in the Alyceum Live series in 2020!"

"Thanks Alicia, insightful as always!"

"Thank you this was perfect for me today just what I needed without realising!"

"Fantastic to be reminded of how we show up everyday contributes to our legacy"

"Quite a few takeaways for me!"
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You do not just wake up and become a butterfly.  Growth is a process.

Rupi Kaur